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A great set of functionalities

  • Bluetooth and infrared telescope control. Special rebate available for Astromist register users for the complete AirCable bluetooth hardware solution.
  • Up to 2,5 million of stars and 18200 deep sky objects using full catalogs,
  • More than 14000 object Dreyer descriptions including a Translator to facilitate understanding,
  • More than 9000 images of deep sky objects and moon or mars features,
  • High resolution to display complete sky maps:
           - Maps or Azimithal views,
           - 320x480 or 480x320 modes,
           - True Full Screen Mode on T3 (no more ToolsBar),
           - Object size, shape and orientation,
           - Stars colors and sizes,
           - Optional eyepiece field of view,
           - Optional CCD field of view,
           - Several zoom level,
           - Grid with fine graduations,
           - Star magnitude legend,
           - Optional Telrad,
           - Several scope utilies to control, GoTo, improve pointing etc.
  • Support many scope drivers (LX200, Autostar, Nexstar, Losmandy, Takahashy, DaveEk, SiderealTechnology, etc),
  • GPS compatible to get observer position and elevation using cradle or bluetooth port,
  • Scope Assistant to control your scope using palm keys,
  • Camera Assistant to control your Canon DSLR camera,
  • Jupiter Assistant to get red spot, satellites or events (shadows, eclipse, etc) ephemeris,
  • Moon Assistant including calendar and virtual map (more than 900 craters, 3 levels of zoom, up to 1800x1800 pixels),
  • Mars assistant including 3D view, map, satellite simulator,
  • Earth satellite simulator,
  • Comet and Asteroid assistant (3D view, position, sky path display, etc),
  • Alignment Assistant to help you to align your equatorial mount,
  • CCD Assistant to compute your CCD field of view and display it inside SkyChart,
  • CheckList Assistant (based on SAC checklist) to bring everything with you each time,
  • Location Assistant to set up to 3 prefered location settings,
  • Finder Assistant to easily browse objects,
  • High precision computation algorithm based on the famous Novas library for refraction and topographic position correction (earth aberration, precession and nutation) considering temperature and pressure,
  • Two stars alignment feature to quickly go to object even if you don't polar align your mount,
  • Two of N stars alignment process to point better than one minute,
  • Messier and planets photos,
  • More than 7 selections criteria to drill down sky objects databases (Messier, Caldwell, Hershell, SAC, SAO, IC, NGC, Planets, Bright Stars, user defined),
  • Multiple stage selection process to refine selected objects,
  • Visual charts to see rise and set,
  • Visual chart to see best observation period in the year,
  • Visual chart to see if object is easy to see or not considering its size, magnitude, scope dimensions and sky brightness,
  • Rise, transit and set with adjustable horizon constraints,
  • Magnitude, type, constellation of planet and objects,
  • Equatorial, Azimuth position,
  • Several Night mode,
  • And many more like import/export functions, custom made object catalogs support, etc...