Your Professional Astronomy Assistant

10/01/2018: 4.2.3 - IOS 12, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Improve iPhone X full screen support
  • Fix a bug into Comet Web data download
  • Fix random crash with iOS12

09/11/2018: 4.2.2 - IOS 12, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Improve Location saving. Now save all the local information (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity) per site
  • Add explicit message if location information are outside valid range
  • Set default Temperature, Pressure and Humidity values if none are provided to enable location information save
  • Use Astromist GMT to reflect the local time of a remote location
  • Fix a crash into Satellite Import when the TLE is corrupted or wrong
  • Fix a crash into Event assistant when one of the last events is choosen and then SkyChart is selected
  • Fix date field size into Twilight Assistant
  • Fix Check button size into Preference 1/7 Assistant
  • Fix a memory trash when loading old user catalog data

08/31/2018: 4.2.1 - IOS 10, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Use Astromist GMT to reflect the local time of remote location
  • Improve Location saving. Now save all the local information
  • Exit Satellite import when the TLE is corrupted or wrong
  • Fix date field size into Twilight Assistant
  • Fix Check button size into Preference 1/7 Assistant
  • Fix a memory trash when loading old user catalog data.
  • Fix a crash into Event assistant when one of the last events is choosen and then SkyChart is selected

04/10/2017: 4.2 - IOS 10, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Fix a rendering issue on last iPhone & iPad. Thanks to Jadran.
  • Add a global font size selector into Preference 2/7. Usage is easier in the dark or for older eyes.
  • Adjust all the assistant’s interface (>90) in order to be able to manage global font size increase if needed.
  • Comet Assistant
    • fix a crash when comet data are corrupted
  • JupiterAssistant
    • Fix a date management bug into Satellite Assistant
    • Add ObjectInfo button shortcut
  • Mars Assistant
    • Add ObjectInfo button shortcut
    • Improve Rendering a wire sphere
    • Add distance from MArs into Size Assistant
  • Moon
    • Fix display bug in MoonEvent in landscape mode
  • Mount
    • Renew PolarisFinder
    • Add new RAPAS/Astrophysics simulator on top of the takahashi one
    • Add Reference year selector (from 2000 to 2040)
    • Improve chart rendering
    • Improve Level Assistant accurcy
    • Update the Integrated help
  • NightTripper
    • Add a zoom button for the Skychart
    • Fix a navigation issue when going back and forth from skychart
  • ObjectInfo
    • Add a new library in the main list : DSO by their common name
    • Fix a display bug when Jupiter was selected.
    • Fix a random memory trash.
  • ObserverLog
    • Fix a display bug in the title
  • SaturnAssistant
    • Fix a date management bug into Satellite Assistant
    • Add ObjectInfo button shortcut
  • ScopeControl
    • Fix bug : Encoder emulation is enable again
  • SkyChart
    • Improve skymap display accuracy with FOV < 1°
    • Improve compass & info rendering
    • Improve color of DSO symbol when black background is selected
    • Improve skymap rendering in night mode
  • WeatherAssistant
    • Add a count down before the next refresh
    • Fix a web connexion issue that into the data gathering process
    • Fix a memory trash for some long forecast summary.

23/11/2016: 4.1 - IOS 10, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • 2StarsAlignment: Improve the selection of proposed stars to do the aligment.
  • CometAssistant
    • Add new Closest assistant to compute the date where comet or asteroid are the closest to the earth. Only distance less than 1AU are kept.
    • Add Earth and Sun distance into list of Brightest / BestDate assistant
    • Improve lisibility : Increase size of earth and sun distance and move them to the top of the chart into 3D view,
    • Improve lisibility : Increase brightness of the background for a better contrast into 3D view.
    • Improve lisibility : Increase height of lines for a better lisibility into ephemeris.
    • Fix : in few case, the import function is no longer updating the url to import data using erroneous year.
  • CompassAssistant
    • Improve centering of rendering parts,
    • Improve resizing of rendering parts,
    • Improve management of finger moves on the screen to change date(vertivaly) and time (horizontaly).
    • Fix : The selected object position is rendering at the right place now,
    • Fix : The chart area is erased correctly now on any device.
  • EclipseAssistant:
    • Fix : a memory trash the first time this assistant is used into List assistant.
    • Fix : DeltaT is now rendering in the right maner again into Diagram.
  • EphemerisAssistant
    • Improve lisibility : Increase height of lines into Rise/Position assistant,
    • Improve management of finger moves on the screen to change date(vertivaly) and time (horizontaly) into Rise/Position assistant
  • JupiterAssistant
    • Improve lisibility : in Max mode, increase height of lines int Satellites.
    • Improve lisibility : Increase height of lines for a better lisibility into ReadSpot and Events.
  • NightTripper:
    • Improve speed when switching from one object to an other using a vertical move of the finger when the skychart is displayed.
  • MarsAssistant
    • Improve lisibility : In Max mode, increase height of lines into Satllites and Size assistant.
    • Improve map adjustment to the size of the screen.
  • MoonAssistant
    • New Events Assistant
    • Fix : a memory trash the first time this assistant is used in MoonMap.
    • Improve lisibility : Increase height of lines and improve width of cell adjustment upon screen width into Dark/Visible/Rise assistant
    • Improve finger moves : Feature can be now changed by a vertical move of the finger into FeatureAssistant.
  • MountAssistant
    • Improve polaris finder adjustment to the size of the screen.
  • PlanetAssistant
    • Add "Super" Moon perigee / apogee events into Events assistant,
    • Improve sorting order when some filter are used into Events Assistant.
    • Improve management of finger moves on the screen to change date (vertivaly) and time (horizontaly) into Position, info, rise / set assistant.
    • Fix : Restore the previous selected step when go back to screen now works.
  • SatelliteAssistant
    • Improve centering of the block of text when the screen is in landscape mode (Info Assistant).
    • Fix : Rendreing of the skychart is now correct on iPhone 6 and 6s (Globe Assistant),
    • Fix : a memory trash the first time this assistant is used has been fixed.
  • SaturnAssistant
    • Improve lisibility : unsing Max mode, increase height of lines (Satellites / Ring).
    • Improve lisibility : Increase height of lines (Event).
  • ScopeAssistant
    • Improve speed by enabling fast rendering of skychart.
  • SkyChart :
    • Fix : enable again Bayer’s symbol rendering for stars.
  • TwilightAssistant
    • Improve accuracy of month label position across the chart.
  • Internal Bugs:
    • Fix a memory allocation failure,
    • Set default font to internal System font,
    • Fix a wrong computation in few case when adding or removing days from a date.

07/16/2016: 4.0.4 - IOS 9.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Add a popup to ask an optional feedback about Astromist after fews days of use.
  • Update default Jupiter GRS recent values
  • Update default DeltaT recent Value
  • Fixed refresh bug into SkyView of PlanetAssistant, CometAssistant, SatelliteAssistant and ScopeAssistant.
  • Fixed a random crash/memory due to a bad preference saving on jupiter/saturn and mars assitants that might cause display trouble on iphone 6s

01/09/2016: 4.0.3 - IOS 9.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Fix black screen and crash at launch on iOS 6.1.
  • Improved iOS 9.0 compatibility
  • Improved telescope emulation mode when selecting an encoder drive as a driver
  • Added message into Weather assistant when network is not available
  • Fixed random crash when iOS was autorelasing its memory
  • Fixed refresh bug into Skychart when FastScroll mode is off
  • Fixed bug into location assistant. GPS button is now working gain
  • Fix a bug into star catalog cross reference

12/15/2015: 4.0 - IOS 9.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Improved iOS 9.0 compatibility
  • Improved telescope emulation mode when selecting an encoder drive as a driver
  • Added message into Weather assistant when network is not available
  • Fixed random crash when iOS was autorelasing its memory
  • Fixed refresh bug into Skychart when FastScroll mode is off
  • Fixed bug into location assistant. GPS button is now working gain
  • Fix a bug into star catalog cross reference

09/16/2015: 3.9 - IOS 8.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Added a new Visiblity module into EphemerisAssistant to see forecast of altitude of an object among the year at a particular time.
  • Improved Moon Map (better rendering of feature names)
  • Improved Event module into Planet Assistant (50 years of forcast, filtering by planets, faster prediction)
  • Improved iOS 9.0 compatibilty
  • Improved SkyChart selection of objects
  • Improved of the SkyChart labels drawing
  • Improved the 080 sorting when using NigthTrip option
  • Improved JupiterAsistant (automatic GRS forecast)
  • Fixed a display bug on some on iOS 8.4
  • Fixed a bug into "Level Mount" module Assistant
  • Fixed a bug when using internal Gyroscope as a telescope drive- Fixed a bug into CCD assistant (Scope Focal was badly initialized)
  • Fixed a display bug into FinderAssistant : pictures of SAC list were not retreived
  • Fixed a display bug into CheckList Assistant on iPad

03/19/2015: 3.8 - IOS 8.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Improved telescope connexion stability
  • Reduced the SiderealTech drive slewing speed
  • Fix a bug into the Location Assistant on iOS 5.1.1

01/17/2015: 3.7 - IOS 8.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Added four mode to display labels into skycharts instead of two (on/off)
  • Improved label visibility into skychart
  • Improved default size of skycharts on iPads screens
  • Improved Magnetometer / Gyroscope support
  • Improved Day and Night assistant map display in landscape mode on iPad screen...

04/12/2014: 3.6.1 - IOS 8.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Added "Visibility" feature into Ephemeris Assistant
  • Fix a crash when 36 Astromist version was put in the back on some device running iOS 8.1.1.
  • Fix a display bug when Astromist was open the first time in landscape mode on iPad
  • Fix a bug into skychart when drawing galaxy shape : they were bad oriented very often.

04/12/2014: 3.6 - IOS 8.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Improvement of the IOS 8.0 compatibility.
  • Added more level of zoom into all sky maps of astromist.
  • Added a back/forth zooming shortcut into skychart.
  • Added an automatic font size management into skychart depending zoom level.
  • Added a new filter by satellite into JupiterEvents assistant
  • Added new moon images into MoonAssistant calendar and DataTime Assistant.
  • Added the identification of double stars into the "bright stars" catalog so they can be selected by NightTripper.
  • Added 64bits compatibility for future IOS device.
  • Improvement of the Jupiter picture into JupiterAssistant
  • Renewing the main object catalog in order to improve the accuracy of some object's positions.
  • Renewing the main SAO double star catalog to fix few errors into separations values.
  • Fix a bug into cross catalog references for "bright stars" catalog.
  • Fix a bug into import of asteroid data . The Epoch was wrong at the end.
  • Fix Scroll issue into Moon assistant (DarkHours, Rise and Set, Visibility).
  • Fix a display bug of ° symbol at few places into Astromist

05/15/2014: 3.5 - IOS 7.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Add StarBook Protocol
  • Fix Bug into SyncWeb Data
  • Fix OS 7.1 compatibility issues (random crash)

12/18/2013: 3.4 - IOS 7.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod - Astromist has 10 years old

Main changes
  • Added automatic computation of GRS longitude into Jupiter Assistant (for dates away from the current period).
  • Improved iOS 7.0 support.
  • Fix a memory trash that causes some random app crash under lower memory conditions.
  • Fix a display issue on iPad screen when Astromist is launched the first time
  • Fix a GPS setup issue for iOS 7.0 device
  • Fix a display bug into Eclipse assistant when displaying partial Moon eclipse information.
  • Fix a display message issue into Moon Assistant : now only one message is displayed at a time into calendar screen.

09/17/2013: 3.3 - IOS 7.0, IPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Main changes
  • Add iOS 7.0 support
  • New Weather Forecast assistant (Tools menu). Clear Sky, Temperature, Rain risk, Due point Forecast for next 48 hours and next 7 day and much more! Limited to 3 full forecast request per day.
  • New information dialog with text scroll and better night mode support.
  • New input dialog with better night mode support.
  • New higher resolution and colored World Map in all screen that uses a world map
  • New moon map more detailed
  • Comet Assistant : into BestDate module, sort the list by Magnitude.
  • iPad : improve screens where map was displayed (daynight, eclipse, location, planet, satellite assistants)
  • Moon Assistant : add next and previous object selection using fingers into Terminator assistant
  • Moon Assistant : display the size of the selected Crater on the map.
  • NightTripper Assistant : add next and previous object selection using fingers
  • ObjectInfo Assistant: Display a reduced picture of each object on iPhone and iPod devices
  • PhotoDiaporama Assistant : Resize display of pictures to better fit screen size
  • Select Object assistant : add a preview list
  • Select Object assistant : add more magnitude criteria
  • SkyChart : Enable a nicer but slower display of charts if FastScroll switch into Pref 5/7 is Off.
  • Comet Assistant : wrong magnitude computation when using BestDate
  • Comet Assistant : magnitude was displayed to 0 into skychart information bar
  • Launch : previous update needed a reset after install to be able to use Astromist
  • NightTripper : In some circumstance, the selected object was lost when using the list filter
  • Preference 2/7 : Wrong computation with diameter greater than 400mm
  • Select Object assistant : selection with magnitude was not accurate
  • SkyChart-NightTripper : In some circumstance the selected object was lost when switching back and forth from SkyChart to NightTripper

09/07/2012: 3.0.1 Palm

Main changes
  • Fix crash when using FinderAssistant
  • Add grey images of solar system planets and satellites.

18/06/2012: 3.0 Palm - Ultimate Major Release on Palm

After 9 years of work on Palm, Astromist 3.0 version is the achievement of what I had in mind at the middle of 2003. Today, Astromist has no equivalent on Palm and depending of point of views, may be on others platforms too.
Palm is no longer existing and the development of a shareware on a such platform is now like doing archeology with old tools and using an old operating system to support these tools. So this version 3.0 is the last one I will do on Palm. I made my best to add most of the very last features and the fixes done on the iPhone version. Some was not possible to do due to performance issue on the Palm when doing some "float" computation or due to memory constraints.
I would like to thanks all of you for all the support, energies, feedbacks, the enthousiasm you gave and shared to me during all these wonderfull years.
They are my treasure and I am so much grateful to all of you. This version on Palm is now free but without the images database which can still be used by registerd users. To all Astromist's Palm users, I wish you the very best and I hope you will continue to enjoy Astromist.
Thank you.
Main changes
  • New planning view inside NightTripper
  • New Night Trip Feature inside NightTripper to select and sort the best objects (planet, comet, meteo, DSO) to see at sun set time of the selected day.
  • New sorting criteria inside Nigth Tripper to sort object upon their visibilty over the horizon
  • New 3D simulator inside planet assistant now lets you play with all the planet and their major natural satellites
  • New zoom in/out feature into jupiterAssistant to let see a wide view of Jupiter and its satellite as well as the closer view to see the shadows and transit over jupiter surface
  • New distribution package
  • Add display of the name of the bright stars into the sky charts
  • Add a scroll bar into all list (the older request into the wish list)
  • Add common names for double stars and use them into sky charts
  • Add the display of the Crater Diameter into moon map when selectig a crater from the moon map
  • Add the hour angle into Polar finder of AligmentAssistant
  • Add TLE age into Data page of EarthSatellite Assistant
  • Improved display of Meteor shower information into NightTripper (display maximum, star and end, fix visibility indicator)
  • Improved display of double stars information into Night Tripper an ObjectInfo (Separation in arc seconds)
  • Improve date selection management when using Nigth Trip (Night Trip starts after Sun Set if selected hours is during day time, else it starts at the selected hour)
  • Improved Skychart rendering speed when scrolling on T5 and Tx
  • Improved Globe rendering speed into Eclipse Assistant, Satellite Assistant as well as Mars view 3D rendering
  • Improved accuracy of conjunction and opposition date computation into Event PlanetAssistant
  • Improved accuracy of red spot transit computation for past date into JupiterAssistant
  • Improved display of the eyepiece list into Selection Criteria
  • Update some default values (delatT & GRS longitude)
  • Refresh Comet and Satellite catalogs
  • Refresh default eyepiece catalogs
  • Fix bugs into Eclipse Map for eclipse with start date before 0h UT and end dateafter 0H UT
  • Fix SAO bugs into the catalog
  • Fix bug into NightTrip on sorting criteria
  • Fix bug into Selection Criteria when using Sky Elevation
  • Fix bug into Selection Criteria (using visibility criteria) when selecting meteor shower
  • Fix bug into MarsAssistant (flip of moon was not done according flip selector)
  • Fix bug (bad planet selection) when going to skychart from PlanetAssistant Events
  • Fix bug into cometdb tool
  • Fix several other bugs I forget since the last 2.6 version on palm...

04/06/2012: 3.1.3 iPhone/iPad

Main changes
  • NightTripper Assistant:
    • Add a skychart view when using landscape mode on iPod and iPhone
    • Improve display of Meteor shower information (display maximum, star and end, fix visibility indicator)
    • Improve display of double stars information (Separation in ac seconds)
    • Fix display bug of trnasit time in landscape mode on iPod and iPhone
    • Fix bug about NightTrip sorting criteria
  • SelectionCriteria Assistant:
    • Improve selection when using Night Trip (add visible meteor shower and double stars)
    • Improve date selection management when using Nigth Trip (Night Trip starts after Sun Set if selected hours is during day time, else it starts at the selected hour)
  • Catalogs:
    • Add common names for double stars
    • Fix SAO bugs into the catalog
  • Comet & Satellite Assistants: Fix the bug that was corrupted the last record of Comet of Satelitte data when importing the whole list or deleting one item.
  • Ergonomic:
    • - Fix all display bugs of button that are not refreshed when the screen is rotated,
    • - Remove the animations between screen changes.

24/09/2011: 3.1 iPhone/iPad

Main changes
  • Add wifi telescope control using iTach device
  • Add new menu entries helper to facilitate web data synchronization
  • Improve rendering speed (in all screen displaying maps, charts, large graphics)
  • Improve Moon Assistant (new moon map)
  • Improve NightTripper Assistant (new filter criteria, added features on iPad)
  • Improve ObjectInfo Assistant (added features on iPad)
  • Improve Eclipse Assistant (Add umbra simulation)
  • Improve DSLR Assistant (Add shutter sounds and warning bip)
  • Improve size and position of buttons upon the screen dimension and orientation
  • Improve iPad support
  • Fix all know bugs
  • Release 3.0 online help (video based)

10/17/2010: 3.0.3 Pocket PC

Main changes
  • New wizard with simplified menus fully compatible with HTC PDAs,
  • All new iPhone 3.0 features added.
  • New distribution package.

10/13/2010: 3.0.3 iPhone

Main changes
  • Improved keyboard in night mode. Now it is more red ;-)
  • Improved object label rendering (intelligent positioning)
  • New location list import feature from the web
  • New eyepiece list import feature from the web
  • Improved eyepiece matching upon selected object: now use your eyepiece list and no longer provide a theoric value
  • New observer logs list import feature from the web (format compatible with palm / pocket pc export).
  • ew observer logs export feature: flat text file sent by mail as attachment. XML will be done later.
  • New scroll management of image slide show list using only fingers
  • New scroll of object list with finger into Objectinfo
  • New scroll of catalog list and object list only with finger inside FinderAssistant
  • New date shift button (+ and -) in SatelliteAssistant for Pass and Next
  • Improved (slower) scroll speed for various ephemeris display (jupiter/saturn events for example) to easier be able to select a particular day
  • Fixed Crash when datetime assistant was open from CompassAssistant and ObjectInfo
  • Fix bug when going back into MoonMap and filtering Feature was activated previously
  • Fix selection bugs with SkyMap
  • Fix night mode renering of Eclipse/Map. sun was still yellow.

10/12/2010: 2.6.4 Palm

Main changes
  • Change Observerlog Export format to be compatible with 3.0 versions,
  • Improve speed (sky chart rendering, mars rendering, globe rendering),
  • Fix memory trash issue when browsing Caldwell object from ObjectInfo.

07/25/2010: 3.0.2 iPhone

Main changes
  • Improve picture rendering in night mode
  • Improve Stars paterns used in night mode (Bigger and more shade/grey levels)
  • Improve rendering of Alert in night mode
  • Supress animation in nightmode to preserve night vision
  • Improve preference and location save on OS 4.0
  • Improve Skychart rendering (faster) when scrolling
  • Improve rendering of Mars View in horizontal mode
  • Improve CheckList navigation like the one done for the Preference
  • Improve Preference 2/7 and 3/7 management when screens are rotated (field are shown or hidden)
  • Adjust About screen and add Astromist web site and yahoo forum information
  • Activated again the FastScroll settings to remove drawing of all stars during scroll
  • Remove Mag label into Earth Satellite Next assistant
  • Fix rendering bug using night mode into Eclipse Map in night mode (text was white)
  • Fix rendering bug using night mode into Jupiter, Mars and Saturn assistant (vertical bar is now red and no longer purple)
  • Fix rendering bug using night mode into Moon Map (Zoom button background is now black and no longer white)
  • Fix rendering bug using night mode into sky chart (Sun bitmap was not updated if night mode was switch on/off)
  • Fix rendering bug using night mode into assistant providing Earth Globe (Darken the color of the sea of the different Globe)
  • Fix crash when opening N-Star alignment has been fixed
  • Fix a selector/Scroll bug into sky chart (when an object is selected and then the skychart is scrolled: the chart is no longer centered by default on the last selected
  • object),
  • Fix scroll bug into Sky Map mode,
  • Fix difference about size of stars between all kind of sky charts
  • Fix display of fields in Preference panels if the are recall from themselves (fields previously disappeared)
  • Fix flip selection in Mars view for Phobos and Demos
  • Fix typos in Assistant menu for "Alignment" tools

06/25/2010: 3.0.1 iPhone

Main changes:
  • Preference saving issue when using page number
  • Change of default keyboard to input GMT (add minus sign)
  • Fix jpg image format trouble for some messier object
  • Reduce speed of zoom in/out in SkyChart
  • Fix Selection bug into NightTripper (+ an - was not enabled)
  • Fix Input dialog position with OS 4.0
  • Fix refresh bug int DateTime assistant with OS 4.0
  • Fix counter issue when sync picture
  • Fix typo into Preferences panels
  • Fix Sun icon display when zooming into comet 3D view
  • Change default value of longitude of GRS to 150∞ (2010 value)
  • Add Information message when sync is over,
  • Add a sample custom catalog with common name of most well know DSO objects.

06/25/2010: 3.0 iPhone - To my Father

Main changes
  • New wizard with simplified menus,
  • Synchronization of comet and satellite file over internet,
  • Web service to provide all Astromist picture online (more than 20000 pictures: 19000 DSO, >900 moon features, >600 mars features),
  • New image cache management feature to be able to download all the pictures and no longer rely on network later,
  • New 3D simulator inside planet assistant now lets you play with all the planet and their major natural satellites,
  • New simulations features inside planet, comet and earth satellite sky views have been added to change the date/time and see the path of these objects moves in real time into the sky,
  • New planning view inside NightTripper.

12/23/2009: 2.6.3 Palm & PocketPC

Main changes:
  • Improve MoonCalendar message box by adding a button to switch to ObjectInfo to obtain more Moon Information (Palm)
  • Improve Elevation Charts into Planet Assistant to compute the chart upon a selected time (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve accuracy of Eclipse assistant Map rendering at the beginning and the end of the phenomenon (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve Satellite Assistant SkyChat by ading a more flexible satellite position computation (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve DayNight assistant by adding the a skychart with the Sun at the bottom of the screen wider than 320 pixels (new 240x400 Win 6.5 devices). (Pocket)
  • Fix a bug into Satellite assistant next Function that reduces the number of satellite detected (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in Dark Hours assistant that produces a wrong ephemeris when sun is rising close to the summer equinox (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix name bugs in location list data for several location (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in Finder assistant that produces a wrong visibility indicator for bright star and constellation (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a bug between Finder and ObjectInfo assistant that produces a different size for Comet and Asteroid (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in ObjectInfo assistant that displays a picture for Stars (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a bug between ObjectInfo and SkyChart that corrupts the name of the object when a constellation is selected (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in Finder assistant that produces a wrong magnitude for Comet and Asteroid (Palm)
  • Fix a bug in Finder assistant when selecting HR or Hipparcos stars from skychart (Palm)
  • Fix a bug between ObjectInfo and Ephemeris assistant that produces wrong selection of Hipparchos or Tycho stars when selected (Palm)
  • Fix a bug in Skychart : symbols was displayed in some views even if the corresponding check box was unchecked (Palm)

06/08/2009: 2.6.2 Palm & PocketPC

Main changes:
  • Change sorting criteria from Magnitude to Date into the module BestDate of CometAssistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve rendering speed of skycharts (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve rendering speed of solar system view of comet Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve rendering speed of Mars map drawing (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve compatibility of SynScan mount driver (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve Aircable 3x compatibility (Palm)
  • Fix a bug in mercury magnitude computation (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a bug when Astromist retreive position from GPS (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a window position bug that prevents user to display dialog from other application in front of the screen of Astromist (Pocket)
  • Fix an initialization bug when opening RA/AZ input dialog from SkyChart (Pocket)

03/21/2009: 2.6.1 Palm & PocketPC

Main changes:
  • Add an option in preference to turn off the cursor in sky charts (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve rendering speed of wired globe when it is scrolled into Eclipse Assistant (Pocket)
  • Improve rendering speed of solr system view of comet Assistant (Pocket)
  • Improve message managemet when catalogs are mising (Pocket)
  • Fix a display bug of compass points in night mode when using sky chart (Pocket)
  • Fix a selection bug in skychart that can provide wrong image of object and bad refresh of the name (Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in Planet Assistant that removes ecliptic longitude and latitude values for some planets (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a display bug of the object name in ObjectInfo when selecting a TYCHO star from Skychart (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a display bug in comet assistant (planets was no longer in the right plane)(Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix magnitude computation for Comet and Minor Planets (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix bad epoch conversion for minor planet using cometdb.exe (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a refresh bug (unwanted white screen refresh) in comet assistant when using the keys in 3D view and sky chart to make simulation (Pocket)
  • Fix a display bug about the distance of the stars (no distance available for the moment so always "-") (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in FinderAssistant on the computation of Visibility indicator as well as best eyepiece estimation (Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in FinderAssistant when on camera icon is tapped twice: image is not always displayed the second time (Palm)
  • Fix a bug in FinderAssistant when selecting a TYCHO star: no more debug message (Palm)
  • Fix a bug in CompassAssistant when selecting a object in the compass: correct update of the list title (Palm)
  • Fix display bug in Saturn event assistant when moving the stylus on the screen (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix scrolling bug with the latest Windows mobiles version (Pocket)
  • Fix bad icon position in landscape mode or 420x680 screen (Pocket)

01/11/2009: 2.6 Palm & PocketPC

Main changes:
  • New Saturn Event Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • New constellation image library (Palm & Pocket)
  • New Position panel in Ephemeris Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • New distance information added on most of the DSO (Palm & Pocket)
  • New sorting criteria inside NightTripper (Palm & Pocket)
  • New setup value to manage slow boot time of some RS232/bluetooth devices (Palm & Pocket)
  • New CheckList Assistant (Pocket)
  • New ObserverLog Shortcut from nightTripper Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • New review of the english documentation (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve rendering speed of Planet Charts Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve rendering speed of Planet Phase Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve rendering speed of Mars Size Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve computation speed of Eclipse Map (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve accuracy of Planet position. Close to 1 arcsec now (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve accuracy of Eclipse assistant for Polar Eclipses (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve accuracy of rendering of eclipse into Eclipse Map Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve Moon Rise&Set display into the Wizard screen (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve Observer Log default value managment when creating a new log (reuse more previous values) (Palm & Pocket)
  • Add Luxembourg in default location list (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve speed of screen transtistion (Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in magnitde computation for Comet and Asteroid (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a display bug in Moon Calendar Assistant when there is no rise or set for a particular day (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix selection bug between Finder Assistant and SkyChart when using SkyMap (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix display bugs of planet position into SkyCharts (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix display bugs into Saturn Satellite Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a display bug of the relatives positions of the sun and the moon in the eclipse assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a sorting bug into Jupiter Events Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a display bug when using ra / dec format hh:mm.s / ddd:mm.s (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a memory trash when selecting from Finder Assistant an object below horizon with SkyMap view (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a memory trash when opening EclipseAssistant the first time (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a memory leak in Mars Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a display bugs Mars Assistant (Palm)
  • Fix the display bug of the find button inside ObjectInfo assistant (Pocket)
  • Fix non ended loop bug when opening ScopeControl from the menu and no communication is possible (Pocket)
  • Fix display bug when using night mode (datatime, scope control, observerlog, comet, eclispe, satellite) (Pocket)
  • Fix a bug in Takahashi drive when using COM1: port and a serial cable (Pocket)

16/06/2008: 2.5.7 Palm & PocketPC

Main changes:
  • Improve support of 320x320 QVGA screen on PocketPC (Pocket)
  • Fix object type display issue within Visible SkyChart (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix wrong display of moon calendar for month starting a sunday (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix 3rd digit precision bug in locationdb.exe for longitude (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix LocationAssistant longitude and latitude field update bug (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix date&time selection that needed to be done twice the first time (Palm)

12/06/2008: 2.5.6 Palm & PocketPC

Main changes:
  • New icon for the program, thanks to Efim (Palm & Pocket)
  • Update and reviewed 2.5 documentation, thanks to Robert (Palm & Pocket)
  • Add adjustable first day of the week depending PDA setting into Astromist calendars (Palm & Pocket)
  • Add sync function support for Nexstar, Skyscan and Takahashi telescope (Palm & Pocket)
  • Add Higlight of the current SkyChart Type into SkyChart Menu (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve comment management into Observer Log by increasing the size of the typing area (Pocket)
  • Increase size of encoder value into Preference 1/6 screen to enable negative vakue lower than -10000 (Pocket)
  • Fix name display bug when using Astroplanner Astromist export database (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix Name truncation issue for name with a space in Locationdb.exe (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix selection issue when addig object into filtered list from SkyChart (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix selection issue between SkyChart and ObjectInfo (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix bad display into ObjectInfo and Finder Assistant for Hershel objects (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix bad size of FOV for eyepieces, CDD, Moon, Sun and DSO shapes into SkyChart (Pocket)
  • Fix popup display bug in Location assistant (Pocket)
  • Fix bad display of Photo icon into Moon Map when PDA is in landscape mode (Pocket)
  • Fix bad name format in BrightStar catalog that truncated some of the names. astromist_brightstar.pdb must be replaced (Palm)
  • Fix selection issue into CompassChart (Palm)

29/03/2008: 2.5.5 Palm & PocketPC

Main changes:
  • Add the last new moon date on moon map (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix bad orbital path orientation inside Jupiter Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix Rise&Set Assistant computation bug for Sun and Moon (still a bug for moon on few dates) (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix eyepiece focal rendering bug in sky charts (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix object selection bug in ObjectInfo Assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix name management bug in Observer log (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix bad constellation display in ObjectInfo when a Tycho or Hipparchos star is selected from Sky Chart (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix popup list selection bug (Pocket)
  • Fix NightTripper selection bug when using Visibility criteria (Pocket)
  • Fix site management bug in location assistant (Pocket)
  • Fix removal of Start icon when quitting Astromist (Pocket)
  • Fix saturn moon position bug in saturn assistant (Pocket)
  • Fix display bug in skychart when using RA or AZ input boxes (Pocket)

17/11/2007: 2.5.4 Palm & PocketPC

Main changes:
  • Improve BBox drive support (Palm & Pocket)
  • Improve Takahashi drive support (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix a memory trash when going from SkyCharts to NightTripper or User Catalog assistant (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix Finder assistant bug: bad display of list object for extra catalogs (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix display bugs in night mode (Encoder Assistant, SkyCharts) (Pocket)

14/11/2007: 2.5.3 Palm & PocketPC

Main bugs fixed:
  • Improve Star label in skychart: display flamseed numbers if they exists (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix wrong label display for Hipparchos and Tycho stars in skycharts (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix bad update of Comet&Asteroid position under Skychart if date or time are changed (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix bad management of custom fonts that could cause Pocket PC hang after Power Off/On. It requires to do a soft reset before installing the new version (Pocket)
  • Fix memory trash in preference file that could cause Pocket PC hang. It requires to type again registration data (Pocket)
  • Fix bad refresh under comet assistant if the same panel is selected twice (Pocket)
  • Fix bad refresh of time in Astromist main screen (Pocket)
  • Fix corruption of serial data sent to telecope that could cause trouble to some drives like Nexstar58 or LX200 (Pocket)
  • Fix wrong icon of sun in Compass Assistant (Palm)

04/11/2007: 2.5.2 Palm & PocketPC

Main bugs fixed:
  • Improve popup message management to force them to be on top of the screen in any case (Pocket)
  • Fix Camera icon display bug in Horizon View or SkyMap mode (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix selection bug between SkyChart and ObjectChooser when using SkyMap or Horizon view (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix display bug of magnitude of Stars inside ObjectChooser (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix Rise&Set Assistant bugs (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix popup selection bug (Pocket)
  • Fix selection bug between CommetAssistant and ObjectChooser (Pocket)

25/10/2007: 2.5.1 Palm & PocketPC

Main bugs fixed:
  • Fix Flare and Transit no end loop depending your location (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix angular precision bug in Transit (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix display bug of Stars in SkyChart for FOV equal to 0.5∞ (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix bug in LocationAssistant (rounding of position) (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix Skyscan drive temporisation bug (Palm & Pocket)
  • Fix several other minor bugs

21/10/2007: 2.5.0 Palm & PocketPC

  • New Iriduim Flare simulator
  • New Satellite Transit simulator
  • New Planet Phase simulator
  • New BestDate simulator for comet and asteroid
  • New Brightest simulator for comet and asteroid
  • New Rise & Set Assistant available for any object from FinderAssistant
  • Add the last features of Palm version missing on Pocket PC:

  • - New set of DeepSky Object Pictures (more than 17000 now)
    - New cross reference index to get the most well know name of each object within skycharts
    - New support for dobsnian equatorial platform
    - New skyscan/EQ6 telescope drive
  • Improved Moon rendering within SkyCharts
  • Improved Portrait/Landscape management on Pocket PC
  • Improved Inpout Zone on Pocket PC
  • Improved star symbol rendering on PocketPC
  • Improved Day & Night Assistant (more information)
  • Fix some SkyChart selection issues
  • Fix display bug of selected stars in SkyChart below 10∞
  • Fix LX200 protocol bug on Pocket PC
  • Fix several Memory Trash on Pocket PC that can slow down the PDA if Windows Error Messaging is activated.
  • Fix several display bugs using Night Mode on Pocket PC
  • Fix several bugs in Satellite Assistant
  • Fix bugs in ObserverLog (bad saving of data)
  • Fix bugs in ScopeAssistant on Pocket PC
  • Fix bug in LocationAssistant (rounding of position, map management)

13/05/2007: 2.4.3 Palm

  • fix a memory trash that could cause a soft reset in some cases when user clicks on an object with a common name inside skycharts.
  • fix a bug inside skychart to prevent in some cases change of selected object when user zoom after selecting the object from the map.

08/05/2007: 2.4.2 Palm

  • fix bug to enable messier and planet photos access from SkyCharts
  • fix bug to enable access to user catalog from finder and object chooser.

05/05/2007: 2.4.1 Palm

  • Add new set of DeepSky Object Picture (more than 17000 now)
  • Add new cross reference idx to get the most well know name of each object within skycharts
  • Add support for dobsnian equatorial platform
  • Add new skyscan/EQ6 telescope drive
  • Add new SkyCommander telescope drive (only based on encoder)
  • Add high precision mode support for LX200 telescope drive
  • Add switch to dedicated assistant from ObjectInfo when pressing ? button on some objects (comets, moon, mars, jupiter, saturn)
  • Add selection of particular date by a single tap on the PlanetAssistant Charts and Twilight charts
  • Add more information in DayNight Assistant in 320x480 mode
  • Add adjustable serial temporisation during communication with telescope in Preference 6/6
  • Add new look & feel of the buttons
  • Add Bluestar device support
  • fix bug when using ? icon from CometAssistant to go to ObjectAssistant on the selected commet
  • fix bugs in CompassChart (selection produce popup messages)
  • fix bugs in SatelliteAssistant (bad display for satellite at east longitude)
  • fix bugs (rounding) in night tripper when advanced selection is done using magnitude or visibility criteria
  • fix bugs in object catalog (several object types has been updated)
  • fix bugs using Finder Assistant (erase of Dreyer information, search of star inside Tycho and Hipparchos catalogs)
  • fix bugs using skychart control (display and managelent of handpad)
  • fix bug using improve pointing function from SkyChart when using intergrated Astromist 2 StarAlignment

26/03/2007: 2.4.5 Pocket PC

  • Fix several bugs with the Ok Button management (now quit screen and application in the right way),
  • Fix a hang when selecting a non existant stellar catalog in Preference 3/6,
  • Fix a Memory trash in SkyChart (when using Swap selector) that could cause some hang,
  • Fix a Memory trash in SkyChart setup (internal) that could cause trouble at launch,
  • Fix bug in Preference 4/6 (Zoom Setting management was no correct below 10∞),
  • Fix bug in Preference 5/6 (Telrad data modification was disabled),
  • Fix bug in Preference 6/6 (GRS and DeltaT modification was disabled),
  • Fix bug in LocationAssistant (Enable DayLight setting),
  • Fix bug in SkyChart (lost of the selection, telrad not display in night vision),
  • Fix bug in SatteliteAssistant (date management between asistants),
  • Improve busy cursor management (use WM standard now),
  • Improve DayNight Assistant (more information),
  • Improve ObjectInfo Assistant (usage of ? icon to switch to relevant Assistant if any for the current selected object),
  • Improve NightMode selector (add button to restore WM 2003 and 2005 colors in case of trouble),
  • Improve SkyChart usable height (Reduce bottom bar size),
  • Improve design of some icons.

10/03/2007: 2.4.4 Pocket PC

  • Greatly improve overall stability,
  • Validate bluetooth telescope control ( tests made with Celestron, Meade, Takahashi, Sidereal Technology and SkyCommander devices),
  • Validate compatibility with BlueStar boxes (new exclusive 10% rebate available for Astromist Pocket PC registered users),
  • Validate compatibility with new Aircable boxes (with integrated battery),
  • Enable observation logs export to text file,
  • Fix bug inside FinderAssistant while user search Tycho or Hipparchos stars,
  • Fix bug inside Comet/Asteroid Assistant (switch to ObjectInfo),
  • Fix bug inside LocationAssistant (bad GMT if a location is selected from list),
  • Improve 640x480 screen support,
  • Improve design of some icons,
  • Release 2.4 documentation.

02/03/2007: 2.4.3 Beta Pocket PC, last beta version before release

Bugs fix
  • Fix crash when loading a bad formated observation log,
  • Fix several memory leak that could cause random crash,
  • Fix several typo inside Help.
  • Improve 640x480 screen support.
  • Improve design of some icons.
  • Moon Map: Add Rise & Set in information box.

25/02/2007: 2.4.2 Beta Pocket PC

Bugs fix
  • Fix bad cursor position on Location Map in 480x640,
  • Fix several refresh bugs in skychart (espacialy using SkyMap).
  • Fix list selection bugs in CompassAssistant.
  • Fix bad star color display in skycharts.
  • Fix refresh bugs in SatalliteAssistant when tracking.
  • Fix minute input bug in DateTime Assistant.
  • Adjust position under Polaris under PolarAssistant.
  • Improve navigation key support.

20/02/2007: 2.4.1 Beta Pocket PC

Bugs fix
  • Fix hang when user switch off/on the PDA when Astromist is launched,
  • Fix hang when external picture are displayed and user tap twice on screen.

18/02/2007: 2.4 Beta Pocket PC

First release of Pocket PC version.

1/10/2006: 2.3.3 Update

Bugs fix and minor enhancement
  • Fix sporadic reset when using object list within SkyChart after selecting a star,
  • Fix negative rise hour of the moon on the wizzard page for some days and locations,
  • Fix bad M103 image thumbnail,
  • Fiw Dreyer description display issue if a star is selected inside NightTripper,
  • Release new high resolution Messier image library in complement the low res one (Thanks to Carlo Mascellani for this !),
  • Add upload of bright stars by default to enable common name identification on click inside sky charts,
  • Change display mode of images within skychart to get 65000 colors instead of 256.

10/09/2006: 2.3.2 Update

Bugs fix and minor enhancement
  • Fix hiparchos index database header to avoid trouble when hotsync in memory with the hip 110k catalog. Registered users need to upload again the file in hipparchos archive.
  • Fix bad object magnitude limit management below 10∞ field of view
  • Rise value of the moon for some days was not at --- in Moon Rise & Set or Dark Hour assistant
  • Bad skyChart refresh when go back from ObjectInfo to skychart if SkyMap mode was selected
  • The display of object names in ObjectInfo was mixed after Messier or Caldwell list browsing
  • Better go back management between NightTripper and SkyChart
  • Fix longitude for some US location. Register users need to upload again the custom tool to replace locationdb program and the location database.
  • Fix small picture reference (M103 many other open cluster from the big database had wrong thumbnails)
  • Give the correct the asteroid file link in documentation to update the database
  • Picture of configuration in page 15 of the US doc included astromist_object_1k.pdb and must not.
  • Fix several display differences (colors, font size) between old charts (SkyMap and Horizon) and latest ones
  • Fix compass rise & set chart where the values were not correct
  • Fix saturn satellite position display that was no longer correct
  • Add a specific message in about dialog box once registered
  • sucessfully.
  • Change some icons to follow some user advices
  • Add BlueStar and PicAstro box compatibility using the LX200 drive
  • Release "South Hemisphere" version.

02/09/2006: 2.3.1 Update

Bugs fix and minor enhancement
  • Add button in Feature and Terminator assistants to load moon images,
  • Fix wrong alt and az in CompassChart,
  • Fix wrong size of CCD field of view in sky Charts.

27/08/2006: 2.3.0 Version Release

The new features:
  • New SkyChart design,
  • New dynamic object selection inside skycharts (the more you zoom the more objects you discover),
  • New Star Color and Black & White scheme within SkyChart,
  • New SkyChart toolbar design with hide/show buttons,
  • New Rey constellation lines support (Classic and Rey lines available now),
  • New Compass assistant,
  • New Lunar Eclipse simulator,
  • New WorldWide map to easily locate your place without a GPS,
  • New Rambaut pole alignment method for user close to the equator,
  • New Moon Visiblity Assistant to find days when you can see the moon,
  • New Slide show mode for NightTripper to display the photos of the selected ojects,
  • New PnoJpegLib support to enable real time load of images,
  • New SkyCommander drive support,
  • New Persistant telescope connection mode if you quit astromist (even in bluetooth mode)
  • New Automatic save/restore of aligment data
  • New DeltaT estimation formula selector to better match Nasa prÈdiction for old eclipses
  • New Meteor Showers catalog support,
  • New External Bright Stars list catalog support. More than 200 available now,
  • New Location catalog support,
  • New Eyepiece catalog support,
  • New program to create custom eyepiece database (eyepiecedb.exe),
  • New program to create custom location database (locationdb.exe),
  • New 2.3 English Doc (Huge thanks to Christopher Erickson),
  • New 2.3 French Doc.

The Improvements:
  • Improved SkyChart rendering speed using external catalogs
  • Improved CometDb.exe program (add Asteroid support),
  • Improved Wizzard shotrcuts
  • Improved 2-Star Aligment process
  • Improved N-Star Aligment process
  • Improved SkyChart Object selection management
  • Improved Telescope control using sky chart (specifc cursor)
  • Improved Night mode support (better contrast)
  • Improved Jupiter Assistant (swap view selector)
  • Improved Saturn Assistant (swap view selector)
  • Improved NightTripper (Reset buttons, improve window sequence)
  • Improved ObjectChoser (Add Meteor and User Object support)
  • Improved MoonAssistant (Draw shadowed moon within Featu
  • re and Terminator assistant),
  • Improved Comet Assistant (Better Asteroid support, better background).

04/02/2006: 2.2.1 Update

Bugs fix and minor enhancement
  • Fix message "Can't find hipparcos record number 7879". Registered users have to upload again hip_110k catalog
  • Fix display bug in Satellite Assistant Info panel (inverted curve)
  • Fix import TLE bug (soft reset) if TLE file is not in the right format when using replace mode (no trouble for update)
  • Fix bad memory allocation management on low res palm when try to display Satellite Globe (no error message an loop)
  • Fix display bug in Datetime assistant (screen empty on some handled)
  • Fix selection issue with Finder Assistant using big object catalog (several impacts: NightTripper, SkyChart, ObjectChooser)
  • Fix selection/Display issue with Finder Assistant using Hipparcos and Tycho catalogs
  • Fix delete function bug in NightTripper (disable for some catalogs, bad list refresh when delete one object for some catalogs)
  • Fix bad hour selection for Moon Terminator computation in Moon Map assistant
  • Fix bad RA selection when using the RA button from the Skychart toolbar
  • Fix bad reverse management in SkyChart for FOV below 10∞
  • Fix color issues in night mode with white background inside SkyChart
  • Fix some spelling issue inside messages
  • Change the behaviuour of visibility selection criteria in NightTripper. Only select the catagory and no longer the category and all the easiest ones.
  • Takes Nebula criteria as a generic one in NightTripper to gather all kind of "nebula". Previously the value was dedicated to object without type (usefull for custom made). So nothing was retreived with provided catalogs
  • Lets constellation line instead of remove them all when using the on/off grid button from SkyChartToolBar

25/01/2006: 2.2.0 Version Release

New features:
  • New SkyChart toolbar,
  • New Satellite assistant (path on earth, tracking, position on globe, compute next pass, find next visible ones, plot pass on skychart, etc..),
  • New Finder Assistant (HR, Hiparcos, Tycho, Comet, Constellation, Planet, Birght Stars, User catalog search added)
  • New MoonAssistant (Rise & Set of sun on feature, new map, terminator assistant),
  • DaveEk box support now certified,
  • New program to create satallite database (satellitedb.exe),
  • New user catalog of object support (palm text memo, AstroPlanner support, several custom database),
  • New program to create custom user object database (userobjectdb.exe, no limit of size, you can browse on your palm as many catalogs you what and upload them),
  • New Export function for ObserverLog (using Palm Memo),
  • New Import function for object list (using Palm Memo),
  • New Export function for object list (using Palm Memo),
  • New NightMode selector
  • New moon image library (1200 picture) to be installed in /PALM/Programs/Astromist/moon (new folder)
  • New English Doc (fully reviewed and corrected)
  • New Spanish Doc

  • Improved Comet Assistant (Asteroid support),
  • Improved support of SiderealTechonolgy box (goto, slew, etc.),
  • Improved support of Dobson using encoder (point to object using skyhart no longer need to use delta or encoder values),
  • Improved Rise & Set computation for sun and moon (always one minute precision now)
  • Improved Pluto position computation,
  • Improved NightTripper (selection improvment, dynamic filtering of catalogs upon the object database available)
  • Add moon terminator drawing in skychart at low zoom level,
  • Now complete NGC image library (7480 instead of 6500),

Fix: - Fix NigthTripper Selection bugs, - Fix DaveEk drive bugs, - Fix Night mode display bugs in planet assistant. Minor enhancement
  • Fix a bug in Canon DSLR control part,
  • Add a specific Canon DSLR part in bluetooth documentation.

23/12/2005: 2.1.4 Update

Minor enhancement
  • Fix a bug in Canon DSLR control part,
  • Add a specific Canon DSLR part in bluetooth documentation.

19/11/2005: 2.1.3 Update

Minor enhancement
  • Add ObserverLog export to Memo capability
  • Add terminator drawing to the moon in skychart at small Field Of View
  • Add Quit menu to stop astromist
  • New T|X suport: Remove key control on Wizzard screen to let users exit Astromist by pressing a key.

30/10/2005: 2.1.2 Update

Bugs fix and minor enhancement
  • Release a 150x150 pixel version of the images libraries for low res palm
  • Add second field input in DateTime selector
  • Add Moon picture at the right scale for small field of views
  • Add a yellow disk for the sun at the right scale for small field of views
  • Add "New Observer Log" shortcut in Sky screen
  • Add object shapes in the new sky charts for small field of views
  • Small speed improvement in new sky chart rendering (8%)
  • Force computation of topocentric positions for planets in sky charts
  • Improve Treo buttons management to wake up the device
  • Force the palm to not shutdown when computing Eclipse Map on slower palms
  • Remember the last zoom level of sky chart when exiting Astromist
  • Fix selection issue when switch from sky screen to object chooser
  • Fix color issue when displaying stars as pixel
  • Fix "Sys 0505" message when using Goto function on some palms (Sony Clie mainly)
  • Fix loading issue for the mars catalog when using a memory card
  • Fix selection criteria issue in NightTripper

08/10/2005: 2.1.1 Update

Bugs fix and minor enhancement
  • Add Sun Eclipse view in Eclipse/Map
  • Add Load/Save List menu
  • Add list width adjustment in ObserverLog, EclipseAssistant, LocationList on 480x320 displays
  • Improve speed in Mars/Size and Planet/Chart when position correction is set to Topocentric
  • Fix Night Mode issue in sky chart (orientation not diplayed)
  • Fix refresh bug in EclipseAssistant
  • Fix Planet Image display bug in ObjectChooser
  • Fix rounding error in Mars/Size panel
  • Fix white text background in Mars/Map label
  • Fix refresh bug on Clie
  • Fix refresh bug when using Wide Screen mode in Left Handed mode
  • Fix Key Lock issue on Treo
  • Remove useless refresh on iQue3600
  • Remove external DLL need for cometdb tool
  • Fix memory leaks in Mars Assistant which could disable globe map display
  • Fix Night Mode display bug in EclipseAssistant

01/10/2005: 2.1 Version release

New features:
  • Mars Assistant including mars atlas with more than 900 images,
  • Eclipse Assistant,
  • Sidereal Technology box support (still beta),
  • First release of CometDB tool (for registered users only) to produce custom comet databases.

  • Add View orientation selector per zoom level,
  • Add color of star when selecting Pixel Stars mode,
  • Add scroll bar in long list,
  • Add Azimuth display in scope control,
  • Improve accuracy of Sun position computation,
  • Improve accuracy of Moon position computation,
  • Improve accuracy of Planet conjunction computation,
  • Improve accuracy of New and Full Moon time computation,
  • 2 time faster moon ephemeris,
  • Enlarge fonts in Jupiter and Saturn assistants,
  • Fix Event selection issue in planet assistant,
  • Fix Time display issue in Jupiter and Saturn assistant,
  • Fix Memory trash in date time selector,
  • Fix bug in Finder assistant when selecting Abell object greater than 999,
  • Fix Moon rise and set computation bug,
  • Fix GPS data gathering bug,
  • Fix refresh bug in CCD assistant panel.

14/05/2005: 2.0 Update

Bugs fix and minor enhancement
  • Add new magnitude criteria for Object in preference 4/6 panel (All and Scope for all field of view),
  • Add Finder access in SkyChart menu on top of finder access using the Palm find function,
  • Adjust selection from wizzard upon the active skychart,
  • Compatibility with Littlefoot addon for HEQ5 and EQ6,
  • Add Date, Time and object time in new sky charts,
  • Add a new chart: Equatorial Chart,
  • Fix display bugs,
  • Fix an aligment bug for Dobson users.

26/04/2005: 2.0 version released

New features:
  • New sky charts including real time rotation availables on top of the previous ones,
  • Comet Assistant including ephemeris, 3D solar view, dedicated Sky View for comet motion in the sky,
  • Astronomy oriented date time selector (local or UT time, moon phases, Julian Date, wider year range),
  • Camera control (Canon DSLR) including timer, log management serial or bluetooth control,
  • New Planet Assistant Sky View to see planet moves in the sky,
  • New real time Azimuth/Altitude locator in all sky charts,
  • Interruptible object list creation process,
  • 6500 DeepSky Object Images library released,
  • New documentation.

  • Far faster sky chart rendering (at least 2 times),
  • Faster rendering in PlanetAssistant, Jupiter Assistant, Saturn Assistant and Twilight Assistant,
  • Add Drop Down list to pick object in ObjectChooser,
  • Add constelation in ObjectChooser selector,
  • Add comet in ObjectChooser selector,
  • Add integrated sky view in ObjectChooser for handled with 320x480 display,
  • Add ObjectList Save/Load function on the wizzard page,
  • Up and Down Palm keys better implemented in FinderAssistant (jump the hole in object list numbering if any),
  • Add Sort capabilities in NightTripper panels (by Name or Magnitude),
  • Reworked overall menu.

IPhone 3.3: New Weather Forecast Assistant

IPhone 3.3: New moon map

Palm 3.0: New NightTripper Planning view

Palm 3.0: New 3D simulator

Palm 3.0: Add star's common names

iPhone 3.0: New design
iPhone 3.0: New NightTripper Planning view

iPhone 3.0: New 3D simulator

Palm 2.3: New SkyChart design
Palm 2.3: New Moon Eclispe assistant
Palm 2.3: New Moon Map
Palm 2.3: New Compass Chart

Palm 2.2: New SkyChart toolbar

Palm 2.2: New Moon Feature Assistant

Palm 2.2: New Earth Satellite Assistant

Palm 2.1: New Mars Assistant

Palm 2.1: New Eclipse Assistant

Palm 2.0: New powerfull sky chart

Palm 2.0: Comet inside Solar System

29/12/2004: 1.8 Update

Bugs fix and minor enhancement
  • Add Graffity support inside sky chart to choose direction (Write E, N, S and W (upper or lower case) to rotate the chart to this direction)
  • Add Ecliptic On/Off setting in preference,
  • Add cancel button in Location selector,
  • Fix display bug (constellation lines not always displayed) when dragging Horizontal SkyChart,
  • Fix Alt/Az position display in skyChart,
  • Fix display refresh bug on T3 and T5 when scope Assistant or PalmOs panel are called.

22/12/2004: 1.8 Update

Bug Fix:
  • Wrong date displayed in Saturn assistant.

16/12/2004: 1.8 version released

New features:
  • Saturn assistant (satellite and ring simulator),
  • Event simulator (conjunction, opposition, eclipse, moon phenomena prediction),
  • Day & Night on the earth simulator,
  • New finder assistant: faster and simpler than ever to drill the 18k database,
  • Observer log assistant (still working on it: user shot link, export to do),
  • All the interface is now usable without stylus (use left most palm keys to jump from buttons to popup and then select them),
  • Moon ephemeris for a month,
  • New main page,
  • PlanetAssistant Charts (Elongation, Diameter, Magnitude, Phase, Altitude),
  • Ecliptic display in SkyChart.
  • New Bluetooth documentation for registered users.

  • Improvements:
  • Bigger location map in 320x480 mode,
  • Location position can be set using keys to move the red cross on the map,
  • 25% to 50% faster SkyChart rendering,
  • Automatic external stellar catalog upload depending of the zoom level (greatly speedup display for users with external card)
  • Time/Date change using palm keys in Planet, Jupiter and Saturn assistants,
  • Rework all screen to be compliant to 480x320 mode,
  • Now Twilight assistant cover 12 month ou 24 month (480x320 screen),
  • T5 5-way compatibility added,
  • More accurate planet and moon positions (better than 3 arcmin now),
  • New memory management to enable Palm with few memory to display the moon map at full range: 1600x1600 (High Resolution required).


  • 1.7 Spanish documentation released.


  • 1.7 english documentation released,
  • Improved Twilight Assistant,
  • Improved SkyChart key support.

24/09/2004: 1.7 version released

  • Dynamic Scroll using keys or stylus added to SkyCharts,
  • Rotation added to Equatorial Skychart,
  • Twilight assistant added,
  • Planet assistant completed.


  • Bayer and Flamsteed bright stars names available, need to install again astromist_stars.pdb
  • Improve Skychart display setting management
  • Add accelerator in horizon view to choose direction (N, NE, E, SE, ...)
  • Add moon terminator inside moon map
  • Add date selector in moon map
  • Reorganize preference management
  • Fix catalog bug (M74=M81), need to to install again objects catalog (1k and 18k)


  • Full IQ3600 support
  • Fix Sony Palm OS 4.x bugs
  • Fix display bugs

09/08/2004, Astromist 1.6

  • Improved SkyChart:
  • New kind of SkyChart added: Azimuthal display.
  • Full Screen Sky Chart display on T3 (no more ToolsBar).
  • Optimize SkyChart Rendering (up to 2 time faster).
  • Variable font size available.

  • Equatorial SkyChart, Full Screen on T3 Horizon View, Full Screen on T3
  • Moon Map with more than 1400 craters available, search function, several level of zoom, virtual map up to 1800x1800 pixels on T3.

  • Zoom level 1

    Zoom level 2

    Zoom level 3
  • Improved ObjectChooser.
  • Wider object catalog. More than 18200 deep sky objects.
  • Object description added. More than 14400 description available in Dreyer Format.
  • Real time Dreyer translator to convert description codes in readable sentence.
  • External image support to enable user to display their objects photos or other images (a library of NGC image is under work).

  • Improved ObjectChooser
      < width=90%img src=images/objectchooser2.gif>
    Full Screen External Image Viewer
  • Improved NightTripper.
  • Improved Selection process.
  • Improved Planet Assistant (still under construction).
  • Fix display bugs and PalmOs 4.x compatibility issues.
  • IQue3600 GPS support (still beta).


  • Add scope control and following inside SkyChart.
  • Fix display bugs.


  • Object list management added (load, save, delete) for register users.
  • Online documentation updated.
  • PDF documentation available.
  • Web site review.


  • Full Expansion Card support for optional files. No more need to put them in main memory or in launch folder.
  • Nexstar5 & 8 drive certified.
  • Add user defined checklist items.
  • Bug fixed in skychart.
  • Bug fixed in N-StarAlignment setup.

23/04/2004, Astromist 1.5

  • New design
  • New SkyChart, more powerfull than before (labels, grids, eyepiece field of view, CCD field of view, telrad, objects size, shape and orientation, etc)
  • Bluetooth supported to control the scopes without cable (unique),
  • Virtual Scope hand control for Celestron Meade and Takahashi telescope
  • Celestron Nexstar GPS/GT, LX200, Autostar, Takahashi drive certified
  • Jupiter Assistant to get satellite ephemeris, red spot calendar (you can compute red spot longitude only telling date and time of transit), events planning (shadow, transit, etc),
  • Finder assistant to locate quickly objects of database
  • Alignment assistant to quickly align your equatorial mount
  • CCD Assistant to compute your CCD field of view and display it inside SkyChart
  • Planet assistant to see planet along ecliptic
  • Finder assistant to easily study any object of the catalog,
  • Checklist Assistant to bright everything with you each time,
  • New help assistant on each screen
  • Wider object catalog (14400),
  • Wider stellar catalog (several catalogs availables from 16000 stellar up to 2,5 million),
  • Improved ObjectChooser,
  • Improved Moon Assistant,
  • Improved LocationManager,
  • Improved Object visual indicator to take in account sky brightness, object size, object magnitude, scope dimensions,
  • Improved NightMode,
  • And more (320x480 screen support, more setting options, faster rendering, etc).

24/01/2004, Astromist 1.4

    New version with Hi Res sky chart and more than 33000 stellars and 12400 deep sky objects included. All star are displayed according its spectral type. Planets have their own icons and moon one is displayed according its phase.
    Object typeCount
    Double stars167
    Triple stars9
    Quadruple stars1
    Quintuple stars1
    Sextuple stars1
    Bright Nebula5
    Cluster with Nebulosity34
    Galaxy Cluster28
    Globular Cluster122
    Diffuse Nebula in a Galaxy12
    Globular Cluster in a Galaxy1
    Cluster with Nebulosity in the LMC15
    Globular Cluster in the LMC10
    Open Cluster in the LMC81
    Nonexistent in RNGC15
    Open Cluster593
    Planetary Nebula154
    Cluster with Nebulosity in the SMC3
    Diffuse Nebula in the SMC7
    Globular Cluster in the SMC10
    Open Cluster in the SMC6
    Supernova Remnant1
    Deep sky objects catalogsCount


  • Add user setting to choose between fast or precise sky chart rendering.
  • Fix moon phases calendar bugs

12/01/2004, Astromist 1.3

  • New version with 4 time faster sky chart and a great moon phases calendar.

05/01/2004, Astromist 1.2

    Powerfull sky chart added.

18/12/2003, Astromist 1.0b version first release.

  • 2 Star aligment.
  • More than 10 scope drive included.
  • GPS support.
  • N-star aligment Process.
  • Flexible Object Selection Process.

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