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Hobym Observatory

M. Hwang and his team are delivering top performance and inovative mounts. The Clavius 480 will be handle by a Crux 320 HDA in the coming month.


Thanks to DarkSky partnership, Astromist users can benefit of integrated accurate weather forecast upon there location.

Sidereal Technology

Dan is delivering a great telescope control system. The first to support bluetooth Astromist control since 2005.


Aircable provide great wireless cables solution. We did the first telescope control over bluetooth in 2004 with the Hawley observatory at the Saint Paul University (US).

Special Thanks

André Hejkoop

Special thanks André for your continous support on Astromist since years. André has desgined a tremendous dobson and has been responsible of my dobson switch few years ago until the Clavius went back.

Christopher Erickson

Thanks Christopher for his help to manage the Astromist yahoo group sine its beginning and for the numerous reviews, suggestions and accurate tests (even with crashes...) since version 2.0 version.

Franck Bouquerel

Thanks Franck for his constant and tremendous support since version 1.5 and his decisive help & math support during the creation of the "Eclipse", "Jupiter", "Satellites" simulators and Pocket PC version.

Michael Rastetter and Nathan Andrews

Thanks to both of you for spending so many nights to test dobsonian control and alignment procedures.

Cedric Césarin

Thanks Cédric for providing Pocket PC devices during the whole test phase of the Windows Mobile version of Astromist.



Franck has restore the Clavius 480 mirror to its best performance. He is one of the best mirror grinder at least in europe.

Zambuto Optical Company

Karl creates with love beautifull mirror.

Dobson Factory

Pierre creates with love beautifull dobson.
Crux 320 HDA

Servo Controller II

Clavius 480
F4.6. 24% central obstruction. 30kg.

André Hejkoop
24” f3.7 Encased GoTo Dobson

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