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A New Generation of Astronomy Software
If you want to share your passion or rediscover the pleasure of gazing at the stars without cumbersome computers or books, then your next step is to broaden your vision with the power and vast capabilities of Astromist on your PDA.

Astromist will give you the best of Astronomy in a pocket size. You will be able to discover what will happen, as-well-as when and how you will be able to observe it, just by using some its features like:

  • Detailled astronomical charts (planetarium with 2.5 millions of stars, 19000 Deep Sky Objects with their images),
  • Accurate simulators for Eclipses, Planets, Comets & Asteroids, or Artificial Satellites,
  • Intuitive atlases of the Moon and the planet Mars (1800 features and photos),
  • Smart Wireless control for your Telescopes including Dobsonians, GPS or Cameras.

Designed for You
All around the world, the Astromist users are enjoying its usage every day. Regardless of whether you look at the sky with your naked eyes or use a telescope of 25 inches diameter, or anything between, Astromist will render service to you. In this way, Astromist can be the Astronomical Guide of beginners enabling them to quickly progress in this domain to learn sky and constellations. Even the most experienced users will apreciate its exhaustive databases, numerous simulators and advanced telescope control capabilities.

Available Anywhere, at Any Moment
It is as if you had shrunk the space to fit in the palm of your hand and carry around in your pocket or purse, you will be able to browse the whole sky, focus your attention on a planet or any other object in space and discover more and more of details and information. Everything is in the palm of your hand and it's always in your pocket. No added descriptions are needed: the screen copies or the freeware version speak for themselves.


Special thanks to :
  • Franck Bouquerel for his constant and tremendous support since version 1.5 and his decisive help during the creation of the "Eclipse", "Jupiter", "Satellites" simulators and Pocket PC version,
  • André Heijkoop for managing with Christopher the Astromist forum,
  • Christopher Erickson for the numerous reviews, suggestions and accurate tests (even with crashes...) since version 2.0 version,
  • Michael Rastetter and Nathan Andrews for spending so many nights to test dobsonian control and alignment procedures,
  • Pieter Burgraaf and Rick Unland for reviewing the 2.2 english documentation,
  • Cedrick Cesarin for providing Pocket PC devices during the whole test phase of the Windows Mobile version of Astromist,
  • Dr Thomas K. McCarthy in charge of the Hawley Observatory for all the suggestions he made, for using Astromist to teach astronomy at the Saint Paul University and pilot the Telescopes of the observatory using the Bluetooth capabilities of Astromist.


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