Your Professional Astronomy Assistant

Your pocket tool to manage your Camera

PalmDSLR is a freeware to control your camera (Canon DSLR) with your PDA. It has been designed for the management of Astronomy Photo but it can be used in any other situation where a timer is required to take a set of photos. At last PalmDSLR allows you to record all the characteristics of your photos to be able later to reuse your works.

PalmDSLR has been designed to answer to the concerns of end-users:
  • Portability: to forget heavy hardware (PC or laptop, batteries) and rediscover the pleasure of mobility,
  • Compatibility: to save money by reusing your old PDA (at least PalmOS 3.5) to create a cheap and more complete solution than usual Canon cables,
  • Efficacity:one screen to centralize everything, no complex configuration required.
  • Install it now

    Because this program is Free, PalmDSLR should be mandatory to any owner of Canon and PDA! Build your own cable or buy one in a shop: In both case you will create a versatile solution that will fit to your needs in many situations.

    Thanks to:

  • John Burt for his suggestions, to have shared his cable plan and allowed me to issue his wonderful photos,
  • Anat Ruangrassamee for all the suggestions he made to improve PalmDSLR.


    Do it yourself cable

    Beware the result: it will be at your own risk :-))

    The wiring plan (To enlarge, click on the image).
  • Without a nullmodem adaptor: Use pin 8 to connect your cable to the serial cable of your PDA.
  • Use pin 7 if you want to built a cable compatible with a PC. In this case buy a nullmodem connector.

  • The wiring (To enlarge, click on the image).

    The final result (To enlarge, click on the image).

    The overall configuration

    The configuration with an home made cable(To enlarge, click on the image).

    PalmDLSR (beta version) in action(To enlarge, click on the image).

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