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Excellent app
Jean Stars12 - 21 nov. 2016

Have been using it for years. Amazing app with so many precise informations.

Super Astro App
Ingo Smag - 13 sept. 2016

Ich nutze sie für alle Fragestellungen rund um die Astronomie. Immer dabei , immer orientiert.

The Swiss Army Knife of Astronomy Tools!
"The Doctor" - 10 sept. 2016

I have depended on Astromist for many years on various devices and platforms. This compendious tool with its powerful database and jaw-dropping set of tools, features and functions will be extremely useful, even indispensable, to any astronomer from beginner to advanced astronomers having large aperture telescopes, cameras and observatories. It is much, much more than just any one type of tool. Read the description to find out all that it offers, (and I don't even think that that is a complete list!) Astromist is a magnificent program that doesn't hide inadequacy behind pretty pictures, it has what you need, big or small, when you need it!

Awesome App
par glyn foulkes - 7 sept. 2016

Very comprehensive, very detailed and accurate. Perfect for using observing with your telescope.

Y a pas mieux !
par astrochristo - 7 aug. 2016

Un produit ultra complet, un développeur super réactif pour les correctifs. Bref le nec plus ultra pour les fondus d'astronomie sur le terrain. Je ne m'en lasse pas depuis de nombreuses années.

Very very good application
Belelen83 - 18 june 2016

More than 2,5 Millions objets Able to drive your Telescope trough wifi Many informations about each planets Moon a lot of détails mare mountain cratères etc Détails and pictures for galaxies cluster supernovae from Bob Gendler Follow the satellites and Space station Extract What you want to observe during the night Follow up your own observation And many other things

A professional astronomy app for the serious astronomers
An_Apple_user - 15 apr. 2016

If you're a serious astronomer, this is a very good app to have, loaded with tons of features not found in many other astronomy/planetarium apps. It's hard to figure out at first because it doesn't follow the design philosophy of Apple (more like the old days of Palm OS which is where it came from) but once you got it, it's very easy to breeze through. Don't buy it if you're a newbie/beginner, it wasn't made for you yet. But when you've gotten good enough at astronomy, come back to this app. You won't believed how much stuff it's loaded with. The author is active and have been releasing updates slowly over the years. "Slowly" because there isn't any thing to improve on but fixing bugs and staying current with newer iOS versions, lol. These days, I used this together with Redshift app and that gives me all the astronomy needs from my iPhone. Planets, satellites, comets, sunsets/sunrises, Jupiter's moons, Polaris adjustments, etc, etc.

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