Closer to the sky
Astromist, The pocket Astronomy Software



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User Guides




  • Now on iPhone, iPod and iPad


    The most complete PDA software on Palm and Pocket PC is now available on Apple technology.

  • New wizard


    All the powerful assistants available in one page

  • Simplified menus


    Only second level tools

  • Wifi support


    Telescope control is available using wifi/rs232 devices. Itach device is recommended

  • Easy setup


    Indicate where you are using the map or the integrated GSP

  • Several views of the sky


  • 2.5 Million of stars


    More than 19000 deep sky objects
    More than 18000 images
    Advanced cache management to not rely on network access

  • Actual sky


    Probably your prefered night view

  • Night mode


  • Anticipate the best periods


  • Find the best night with or without the moon


  • Prepare your night trip


    Even more complete

  • List or Plan view. It is up to you


    Optimize your observation session

  • Get more information if needed


    All the usual necessary information for the Astronomer

  • Log your observations


    Sharing capabilities using XML are planned

  • Dynamic moon atlas


  • Optimize each night


  • Do a trip along the terminator


  • Plan your work


  • The most advanced eclipse simultor arround


    Moon and sun of course

  • All the eclipses


    From 0AC to 2200
    No need of bessel elements

  • Nasa compliant diagrams


  • Unique eclipse information pages


  • Powerfull map


    See the eclipse like it will be

  • Solar system


  • Key dates and events


    Don't miss next transit or great conjunctions

  • Planet moves in the sky


    Select one and see its path moving like a snake in the sky

  • Heliocentric view


  • All the Planets


    Real time rotation/zoom with your fingers

  • All the major satellite


    Share this view with your children and friends as a start

  • Anticipate key dates


  • Mars atlas


  • Satellite track


  • Complete Map


    More than 450 features with their photo

  • Size and orientation


    Rendez-vous in 2018

  • Jupiter simulator


  • Track the red spot


  • Plan the key events


  • Saturn simulator


  • ../images/iphone/photos/saturn_ring.jpg

  • Plan the key events


    Don't miss 2010-2011 period. Only astromist makes it so simple to follow

  • ../images/iphone/photos/comet_3d.jpg

  • ../images/iphone/photos/comet_sky.jpg

  • ../images/iphone/photos/comet_data.jpg

  • New: Internet synchronization


  • Improved Flare


    Even more accurate results

  • Earth position


  • Organize your night


  • Don't miss them


  • Real time moves


    Simulate rises, set, flares or transits over the moon and/or the sun